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Amber's Family


It's always fun to learn the differences in personalities when I have a session that includes children with a mixture of ages.  

The oldest was very quiet and well mannered, answered my questions quickly and was ready (I think, mainly, to get in and out with a smile - lol).  He was such a good sport, being that I didn't really ask him if his brother's could jump on his back, when I simply said - "Let's do this ...".  Of course, the brothers were absolutely ready for that shot.

The middle man liked the camera the most and didn't mind at all being included in any pose I suggested.  He sports that classic ginger hair, the cutest little cowlick and some shiney blue eyes, doesn't he?!

And, the little guy.  He was pretty typical for an 'almost' three year old little boy.   You have to let them think that they're in control and roll with it when trying to get their photograph.  Not all little guys, but many.   So adorable, those big brown eyes of his.  He was definitely more comfortable with the candid shots ... and if we had the time, I would have chased him around with the camera to catch all of his cute little expressions of character.  

All in all, I do think that we ended up with some pretty fine portraits .....

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