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Heather Thibeault, Photographer

Cheryl's Family

I have to say, mom and dad must have done something right in order to get these three wrangled together for an indoor family session!  After working and school all day, probably tired and really not wanting to do this - they still came (that's a blessing in itself - especially with man-children - hahaha).

We had some fun - well, at least, I did - trying to get some smiles.  By the way, the guys are smiling .... that's what they were telling me.  I had to crack up with that older one (not dad), the one that looks like dad.  He was a hoot!  All I can say to him is 'Merry Christmas' , Groot.  Oh, and I managed to catch a little upturning of the mouth in a few of your shots - so, ha :) !

{please note that all session posts share a small preview of my favorites, from the many images that my clients will receive in their final package}

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