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Heather Thibeault, Photographer

... little bits of my life  ...

I'm Heather,  the person behind each image you'll see here at Heather T Imagery.  I'm a devoted boy mom (I have three) and wife, who cares for the mainstream of our busy little life, here in Vermont.  I drive a school bus every day throughout the school year.  I photograph nearly everything that intrigues and inspires me, and I offer my skills to others as I have the time to.

Documenting our lives through my images is important to me.  As an adult, I look through the old photographs from when I was young.  I can travel back with the feelings that I felt in the moment, little memories of appreciation unfold ... and it feels good.  

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could reminisce, bring alive, those little moments from your life that you may have currently forgotten?  YOU CAN.  Get out your camera. Take pictures.  Hand it over to someone else, and BE in the picture!  Allow your children and those who love you, to have something of you long after you're no longer with them.   It's a lifetime gift!!

A Few of My Favorite Photos:


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