It looks like flowers in a garden. - Heather Thibeault Photography

Heather Thibeault, Photographer


Earlier this week, when it was bitterly cold - extremely and utterly C O L D, the bus windows were displaying some amazing artwork.  I noticed but had no time to really enjoy it right away, but my littles did.  One of the social little ones pipes up to tell me how beautiful the windows are. 

"Heather, they're so pretty.  Did you do that to the windows?  They look like a garden.  Like flowers, and grass, and ...."  

"No, I didn't do that.  It is pretty.", I said.

"Well, WHO did it?!", she asked.  

Another girl piped up from the back and said, "I know who did it.  It was Elsa (you know, from the movie 'Frozen')."  

I giggled and thought how, when I was young ... it was 'Jack Frost' that made these beautiful pieces of art ;).  I mentioned that to the girls.  

After dropping them off at school, I did my routine walk to the back of the bus - noticing the windows, how each one was different.  And, I found a few little pieces of art that wasn't left by Elsa or Jack Frost.  When I got home, I went inside to grab my camera.  I had to get a few pictures while the bus was still warm:

  • IMG_1173
  • IMG_1186
  • IMG_1156
  • IMG_1180
  • IMG_1167
  • IMG_1157
  • IMG_1163
  • IMG_1166
  • IMG_1188
  • IMG_1183
  • IMG_1169
  • IMG_1177
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