0606 Hunter - Heather Thibeault Photography

Heather Thibeault, Photographer

Hunter's First Year Cake Smash

In House Session

June 6, 2015

This little man is such a charmer.  He was so easy to work with.  Big toothy grins, little grunts ... and those blue eyes of his. He really liked his frosting and dug right in once he got the taste for it.  I got a little too close (I secretly wanted a taste for myself - haha).  It was such a good time, but after the sugar wore through ... he was all done.  And, didn't I laugh?!  He sat there with this look on his face, kind of like a sugar coma.  After clean up time, I grabbed him quick and asked for a snuggle .... oh, doesn't it warm my heart, big time, to hug me a little man for just a few minutes?!  Yes, it does.

 I miss this age.

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