0621 Lyn - Heather Thibeault Photography

Heather Thibeault, Photographer

Lyn's Family

Collins Perley Sports Complex, St. Albans, VT

June 21, 2015

We were nervous how this session would play out, with the call for crazy thunderstorms and downpouring of rain. Although, we did have a backup plan, I'll admit that I was so thankful that the weather turned out to be perfect for a late evening session. Being a tiny part of the action during a large family session, really blesses me. It's fun to watch them all interact with each other, and the bonds that they hold. I didn't have a lot of family around me, growing up. I really have little experience with the togetherness that comes with one.

When we were working with the little bit (below) and daddy, we were trying to get her to look at the camera - a bunch of the family stood behind me, saying her name, jumping up and down. Can you imagine what was going through her mind? She was smiling! I was thinking how neat it was to have so many people on 'your side'. There's always someone around to understand, to give you a smile, a hug ... to laugh with.

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