0711 Shelly and Troy - Heather Thibeault Photography

Heather Thibeault, Photographer

Session Location: Mill River, Georgia, Vermont

Type of Session: One Hour/Couple 

Photographer's Take: I enjoy photographing young couples.  They're so easy to work with, still fresh in love and enjoying life together.  These two spend much of their down time fishing and hunting together (pretty awesome, huh?).  This was his first time visiting Mill River and she hadn't been there since she was a little girl, so it was exciting to me when I found this out - it's just so beautiful here.   There was one moment where I nearly walked myself right into the river.  I was scanning the area where I had them standing, taking a few steps back, when I turned my head and saw that my next step would have landed me on my butt over the bank.  Yes, I laughed with a sigh of relief  (got a good laugh from Shelly, too).  

It was a fun session.  I look forward to many more with these two in the future.

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