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The 'G' Family


The time seemed to go by very quickly for our Mini-Session, but it didn't lack for character.  Mom wasn't too sure about that little man and how he would react during our session (apparently, he doesn't like to cooperate for the camera), but he did a fine job.  

I've learned through the years, working with boys and my camera, that you need to allow them to do things at their pace and on their terms.  Compromise is a good thing, and even though the little people don't know what it means to compromise - big people do.  Little ones are usually pretty willing to work with you if you're willing to give them the reins.

The older boys were pretty willing and enjoyed some silly moments, which I like.  If you let them get silly, you're better able to pull the true expressions and the real smiles from them.

* note - this post is just a small preview of the many images my client will receive in their final package

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