the birthday boy - Heather Thibeault Photography

Heather Thibeault, Photographer

3.5.15 - My baby's 10th birthday.  I didn't get all elaborate with decorations or party ideas.  It was a simple night at home, but a simple night that was well appreciated.  That's how we roll around here.  The major effort put in this year was my striving to make RED frosting at the last minute.  Not so much the last minute, but an unprepared hour or two. I thought I had it all together, ready and raring to go, but it turned out to be a fail.  He didn't mind, though.  Mom did her best with the time that she had (heck, I ran back and forth to the closest store just to fix the mess that I made).  It was all good (and rather than a red gummy bear cake, it was a deep pink).  :)

By the way - a few things about the pictures of the day ...  that is a bottle of mouthwash on the table - he'd been asking for some of his own for months and I thought I'd just throw that in with the rest of this presents as a kicker - he laughed at me, but was happy to have it ... AND ... the candles that we bought were AWESOME!!  The fire and the candles were the same color, kind of, pretty close.  They were fun to play with, trying to mix the colors and see if blue and yellow would make a green flame (no fingers harmed in the process, either).

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