His First Car - Heather Thibeault Photography

Heather Thibeault, Photographer


This car.  It has a little story behind it.

A '92 Volkswagen Cabriolet = His dream car.  A car that his father and I never really thought would be his first, simply because we never thought we'd find one in such great condition for a price that we could afford.  Since he was fourteen, he's taken notice of the VW Rabbit's.  Not that this is just any Rabbit.  In fact, it's not listed as a Rabbit at all.  It's a Cabriolet.  The title says so.  Who'd have known?    To me, it looks like a Rabbit convertible.

The story?

He's had his license for a few months.  He and dad have been looking at the cars for sale through various avenues and last Saturday morning, they saw one on Facebook.  Later in the day, we were out wandering for garage sales.  As we pulled into the driveway to one of them, we saw this little gem sitting on the lawn, for sale.  Apparently, the same one that they saw on Facebook that morning.  Still, we have no money for buying a car right now.  

I was feeling disappointed inside, although, I didn't really let it show.  All that I could say is that I didn't see how we could make it happen, trying not to let excitement get the best of him.  That night, we prayed about it.  Mostly, for the feelings to subside (those feelings of want and of disappointment)  we prayed encouragement of knowing that God has something good for him ... perfect for him, in His (God's) timing.  

The next day, we visited Grandpa and told him about the car.  He wanted to see pictures of it, so we showed him the ones from the ad on the computer.  Later in our visit, he offered to loan Sam the money.  

We brought it home on Labor Day.

That's not it, though.

We went to register it the day after, and when we opened the envelope for the plates.  I felt a confirmation that, not only was this Sam's dream car ... a reality to be his own, but also a gift.  A special gift.  The first three letters on the plate's were GPA.  I could only accept them as G-Pa .... aka:  Grandpa.  Am I wrong?  I don't think so.  We both knew this was a confirmation.

A blessing.

I can see my mom smiling.  She would have loved this little thing.  Really.  I can imagine her sitting in that passenger's seat so proudly with him driving.


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