Pancakes - Heather Thibeault Photography

Heather Thibeault, Photographer


I went downstairs last night and saw the heart shaped cookie cutter sitting on the kitchen table, and I smiled.  As I was laying in my bed, sleepy-head mode, I recalled a little talk about making pancakes in the morning ... heart shaped pancakes.  And, somewhere in between that bit of talk and me coming downstairs - he found the cutter.

That was his plan.  

Bacon and pancakes ... heart shaped pancakes.  For Valentine's Day.

This boy wakes up my heart every now and then, and he steals it away.

After our eyes opened to the day, we realized that there was little milk ... little eggs ... and lots of determination.  I got up, showered, dressed and went out to start the car while he cooked the bacon.  When the bacon was finished up, we went to the grocery store ... he and I.

After all of that was accomplished, we came home.  As I put away the groceries, he made the pancakes ... the heart shaped pancakes.

.... as I poured some cups for milk, I pulled out the one that I thought appropriate for my feelings toward him.  Oh, and the pancakes weren't just for me.  He made them for all of us!  I'm just feeling super special about it because he's mine ... haha ... Joshy-bud, you ROCK!!  

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